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Why Am I Always Hungry?

Why Am I Always Hungry?

1.Could it be something you ate?!
•Pastries, candies and sugary drinks might be tasty in the moment but you’ll soon feel hungry again because they don’t offer a lasting energy.
•These foods send a lot of sugar into your blood at once, causing your body to release the hormone insulin.
•That sugar overflow can signal your body to produce more insulin than you need. That can lower blood sugar too much and make you hungry again during a short period of time.
•Go for better choices such as fiber rich foods (vegetables, fruits or whole grains), healthy fats (avocado, nuts or salmon) and proteins (grilled chicken, beans or eggs).

2.Are you stressed?
When your body is under stress it releases adrenaline, a hormone responsible for decreasing the feeling of hunger. After a while, your system raise the levels of another hormone called cortisol, that can make you want to eat everything around. When the stress goes, your appetite usually gets back to normal due to the decreased levels of cortisol.

3.Are you thirsty?
Sometimes dehydration makes you think you need to eat! That’s why you should try drinking some water first, and if you’re still hungry you’ll know that you need to eat something. And because you had that water, you may be less likely to overeat.

4.Do you have diabetes?
This condition means that cells can’t absorb sugar in the blood to use it as a fuel. Our body reads this signal as it needs more fuel causing hunger! But the real problem here is a trouble changing food into fuel.

5.Do you have an overactive thyroid?
Hyperthyroidism can make you moody, nervous, tired and always hungry. If you notice any of these symptoms you can usually manage it with medications, surgery or even both.

6.Do you eat too fast?
Eating too fast might not give your body enough time to recognize the signal sent from the stomach that you’re full. What to do? Enjoy your food, take smaller bites and chew well! Eating slowly is also more satisfying, so you eat less. Give it about 20 minutes, and see if you’re still hungry.

7.Do you feel satisfied after eating?
Some food satisfy you more than others with the same amount of calories, that’s why the scientists found  “The Satiety Index”,  which is a list of top ranked foods that satisfy your hunger better.
1.Boiled Potatoes
7.Greek Yogurt

8.Are you an emotional eater?
What’s your mood right before you eat? Many people when feeling sad, upset, depressed or bored they turn to food seeking comfort. If you’re not really hungry, try to do something you enjoy other than eating.

9.Could it be something you smelled?
As you walk by the market’s bakery you may see or smell fresh-baked cookies that could be enough to make you want to eat, whether your body is hungry or not try to notice these triggers and then decide what you’re going to do.

10.Are you having enough Sleep?
Lack of sleep can make you want to eat more, since it has an effect on the hormonal balance of hunger (Ghrelin and Leptin).It also can make you consume more calories and fatty snacks to satisfy this urge. It’s recommended to have 7-8 hours of sleeping every day.

11.Are you on medication?
Corticosteroids and antihistamines, along with medications that treat mood disorders and depression, can affect your appetite. After starting a new medication tell your doctor if you’re frequently feeling more hungry.

Christelle Bedrossian
Beirut, Lebanon


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