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Who Shouldn’t Give You A Diet Advice?

Who Shouldn’t Give You A Diet Advice?

When you’re ready to make a major lifestyle change to be healthy and drop kilograms, it is good to ask for the help of a professional. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to choose the right person, which means lots of people fall victim to companies, programs, or individual coaches promising to help in dropping kilograms with no expertise.

1. Someone Who Is not a registered dietitian
If you want someone to advise you on what to eat and help you lose weight, you need a registered dietitian. If your coach isn’t a registered dietitian, he or she shouldn’t give you a nutritional plan

2. Someone Who Puts You on Extreme Diets.
If your dietitian has seen success by eliminating gluten from the diet of their patients that doesn’t mean you need to cut it too. And if your dietitian suggests juicing, fasting, or going super low-calorie, do not do it. These can cause you to lose weight quickly and make it harder to maintain your weight loss in the long run.

3. A Personal Trainer from Your Gym
Your trainer might know a thing or two about nutrition, so there’s nothing wrong with them suggesting you eat less junk food and more vegetables, the same way your registered dietitian suggests you exercise few times per week. However, the trainer is not the right person to give you a diet especially if you have special needs like if you are pregnant or have a medical condition

4. Food companies
When Companies try to sell you something, they might twist scientific facts to make you believe their products are healthy. You should think twice before believing them, history tells that it is more likely that the opposite is true.

5. Celebrities
Celebrities have many advantages you probably don’t have such as time, money and genetics. They make a living looking beautiful and they have all the resources in the world to achieve that. If they say that they have some secret to weight loss or health, odds are it is not something that will be effectual in the long-term for a normal person. In addition, it is more likely is that they are being paid to sell you something.

6. Natural health “gurus”
They are the people who turn to alternative options that often involve natural remedies. Natural options may not be the best path to health and something “natural” is not a guarantee of any particular benefit. Advice from gurus is often based on poorly designed and poorly controlled studies that do not stand up to scientific testing. That doesn’t mean these methods will never be proven effective, but most of them never will.

Christelle Bedrossian
Beirut, Lebanon

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Dietitian Christelle Bedrossian