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The Truth About Detox Diets

With the start of the year, you might be considering a quick weight loss method and going for a detox diet, but here’s the thing about detox diets: They’re popular, but they are yet to prove to do what they claim: flush toxins out of your system. In fact, they may be risky and even backfire on you. Here’s what you need to know:

– What you can and can’t eat depends on the type of detox diet you’re following, some involve drinking only liquids, some are about fasting, while others allow you to have fruits and vegetables. Detox diets are short term diets, they are not a way of eating you can live by.

– Following a detox diet isn’t an easy ride, it takes a high level of effort, and you will be always hungry and sometimes you might feel weak. Going on low-calorie diets that are not rich in nutrients can potentially lead to side effects like low blood sugar, fatigue, dizziness, and nausea.

– Some detox plans recommend pills and herbs for colon cleansing. If cleansing your body is what you’re looking for, you might want to try eating clean by focusing on fruits and vegetables, lean protein and whole grains, and avoiding processed food. Your body is an expert at getting rid of toxins, and it doesn’t need a detox miracle to cleanse itself. Toxins don’t build up in your kidneys or liver, 

– Detox diets are not good for people with certain medical conditions and they might even be harmful. If you have diabetes, avoid detox diets at all costs because restricting what you eat could eat to low blood sugar if you are taking medicine for diabetes.

Bottom line, although detox diets have become popular in recent years, they are only a fad without any health benefits. They are many other healthier ways if you’re looking to get healthy or clean your body. 

Christelle Bedrossian
Beirut, Lebanon

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Dietitian Christelle Bedrossian