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Protein Weight Loss Program

Check out our diet protocols that are designed for quick yet healthy weight loss of 6-8 kg per month. There are three different phases designed to suit your weight loss goals. The phase you choose will depend on how much weight you want to lose and how quickly you want to lose it!

Choose your diet program below based on your gender.

Diet Program For Women

This is a medically prescribed weight loss program suitable for women. It is meant for those of you who either have a lot of weight to lose or have repeatedly failed to lose weight from your previous experiences with diet, exercise or pills. The diet program is also designed for those of you who are suffering from hormonal imbalances, are taking medications that prevent you from losing weight or who are stuck with extra belly fat accumulated during menopause. Regardless of why you have not been able to lose weight until now, this diet program is for you.

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Diet Program For Men

Medically prescribed for men, this program is designed to achieve maximum fat loss while preserving muscle. This diet is for those of you who have tried and failed to lose weight by using various diets or have tried to gain muscle by repeatedly hitting the gym with no result. The program is also designed for those of you who have a busy schedule that prevents you from eating healthy, who travel a lot and are unable to have balanced meals or who have gained weight after quitting smoking. There are many other reasons why you may have failed before but what matters is that our diet will help you achieve your goal.

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The science behind the Protocol

The protein diet program is a different approach to weight loss and is medically developed. Dietitian Christelle Bedrossian has trained extensively with the developers of these protocols in France and Canada to be able to prescribe them to patients in Lebanon and train other dietitians. Under her supervision, this diet will help you lose weight and is characterized  by the following: healthy, no hunger, safe, and easy to follow.


The purpose of this diet is to achieve large weight loss while providing adequate nutrition. This protein diet promotes fat loss while supporting muscle mass. In addition, this diet has many metabolic and physiologic effects that are beneficial such as improvement in glucose sensitivity, lowering of blood pressure and lowering of serum triglyceride and cholesterol values.

No hunger

The pre-packed meals contain 15g of protein that will help you feel full. A variety of products with great flavors are available: protein corn flakes, oatmeal, chips, bars, biscuits, puddings, pasta, rice… The flexible diet will suit your taste & texture preferences; The snacks will satisfy your cravings for sugar and salt. We offer products that are ready to go & easy to prepare.


The use of this diet has been extensively monitored since the 1970’s. This diet has been proven time and again to be a successful weight loss method with no harmful effects. It can safely be used in patients with various chronic diseases like hypertension and type 2 diabetes. This diet protocol is also used at Cleveland clinic and professional clinics around the world.

easy to follow

The diet is easy to follow with no calorie counting . The program is composed of 3 phases to achieve your weight loss goal:Attack, Cruise & Transition. Once you reach your target, Dietitian Christelle Bedrossian will guide you to maintain your new weight by adopting healthy eating habits. The maintenance includes nutrition education and physical activity.

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