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Dietitian Christelle Bedrossian In The Media-Lebanon

Every day we are presented with tons of information regarding our health, diet and eating habits, some that even contradict each other, and we find ourselves lost not knowing which one to believe, and what to do when faced with a certain health condition. In order to get accurate scientific nutritional information, we should seek professional and objective advice from experts in the field of nutritionDietitian Christelle Bedrossian dedicates some of her time to address us through the various media outlets and provide answers to our questions.

Dietitian Christelle Bedrossian - Lebanon - Weight Loss - Diet

As a prominent professional in the field of dietetics, Dietitian Christelle Bedrossian is frequently hosted on several local and international television stations to offer up to date advice and tips on health and nutrition. She is featured on television stations such as: 

LBCI “Helwi El Hayet”MTV “Alive”&“The Doctors”LBC “B Beirut & jamalouki”OTV “Yom Jdid”, Al Jadeed “kif Sohtak”, Al ghad El Arabi“Yom Jdid”Al Yawm TV “Ouyoun Beirut”Al Jazeera “Haza El Sabah”ANB “Majalla Souhiya”Rotana Khalejia “Sayyidaty”NBN “Moujtamaa wa Nass”Tele Liban “Sabah El Kheir Ya Lebnen”,Tele lumiere: Noursat, Mariam TV, Nour el Chareq, Nour el Chabeb

Am A Woman – MTV (Season 1 &2; 2013- 2014-2015)

Am A Woman provides women with information and advice covering various parts of their everyday life. The Define Me segment hosts Dietitian Christelle Bedrossian as the nutritional consultant offering tips and tricks for the viewers- especially women -for a better understanding of their bodies, their health, their diets and general weight management methods.

Najm El Khaleej – Dubai TV(2011)

As part of the show’s process, Najm Al Khalij made sure that the contestants ate healthy food and stayed well informed on the different aspects of healthy eating and lifestyle habits. This is where Dietitian Christelle Bedrossian‘s role comes in as a nutrition consultant and instructor. She gave the contestants weekly nutrition courses for a better understanding of the importance of eating well. She was also in charge of setting up a specialized meal plan and diet for each contestant, following up with them on a weekly basis to reach their weight loss goals and offering them nutritional advice to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Dietitian Christelle Bedrossian is a writer and nutrition consultant for a variety of written publications, both print and online magazines and newspapers. She provides nutritional recommendations for:

Al Joumhouriya Newspaper, Sayidaty.net, Gulf Mirror Magazine, Alyaqza Magazine, Arab Market magazine, lebanon24.com, Sohati.com, Jamalouki Magazine 

Radio listeners also get their share of nutritional advice from Dietitian Christelle Bedrossian who is a recurrent guest on local radio stations: 

Fame FM, Sawt El Ghad, Sawt El Mada, Radio Liban, Nostalgie, Radio One, Power FM, MBS 

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