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How to stick to your “New Year, New You” resolutions?

How to stick to your “New Year, New You” resolutions?

If you’re getting ready for a new year and a “new you” in 2018 and planning to take a better care of your body and mind but you are not sure if you can stick to your resolutions, here are some tips that can help you in achieving your target:

1. Get your priorities straight.
Every year, set a few goals. At the top, set the goals that you should absolutely complete. Next are those that you want to complete, and finally, set a stretch goal that would be nice to complete by the end of the year (like completing a marathon). Often, choose goals that are based on the previous year and how to make your life easier and more enjoyable the next year. Make sure that you take the time to write down what you want and why. Keep that list somewhere visible to look at it daily, and remember the reason you’re taking this path.

2. Go easy on yourself.
You should view all of your new habits as an experiment rather than a judgment on your worthiness or skills. Meaning, don’t beat yourself up if something doesn’t stick the first time you try it. Instead, ask yourself: What did actually work? What didn’t work? And what should I do differently next time to achieve better results? Ask yourself these questions until you have a clear understanding of what stopped you from doing something and what kept you doing it, then make sure that those conditions are met.

3. Take small steps.
Scheduling small steps toward your goals is the key to success. For example, set the goal of eating dessert only 2 times per week and going to yoga twice per week. For yoga, look at your calendar at the beginning of the week and see where you can fit it in. Even though sometimes this is challenging if you don’t have enough times, try your hardest to get it done. The hope is that after few weeks, it will become a good habit.

4. Remember the real goal.
We have the tendency to forget what health is for. Actually health is not the prize, having a better life is the prize. Healthy people have more fun: they are more vital, more energetic, and more capable. Once you understand how abundantly investments in health are going to pay you back, staying motivated will not be an issue.

5. Make it a joint effort.
Grabbing a workout partner can motivate you to reach your goals. You do your best when you link your health goals with someone you love. You won’t like to cancel on them, so it helps you to drag yourself out of bed. For example, if you want your kids to have healthy eating habits, this will motivate you to make good choices with them when you’re out to dinner or snacking at home.

6. Track your progress daily.
Write your resolutions in a daily planner, then review and re-read them every day when you sit down to check your calendar. Each of your resolutions is quantifiable on a day-to-day basis, and you have direct control over your progress toward achieving them. For example, if your New Year’s resolution is weight loss, it is not actionable; you can’t just wake up and “do” weight loss, but you can wake up and start your day with a healthy breakfast.

7. Thank your body.
Studies show that our attitude and overall approach to life have a huge impact on our well being and health. Every time you hear a negative thought in your head such as “I am fat, I am awful”, respond to it with a positive one like “I am beautiful, I am wonderful”. It may feel weird at the beginning, but over time, nurturing the positive voice strengthens you. When you understand how hard your body is working to keep you alive 24/7, you’ll support it even more, giving it the tools it needs to be healthy such as eating healthy, exercising, and managing stress.

8. Do what is fun for you.
Instead of making exercise a task, do what makes you happy. For example, going to a dance class twice per week at the gym. It’s fun, and that motivates you to show up each time.

Christelle Bedrossian
Beirut, Lebanon


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