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How Falling In Love Makes You Lose Weight

How Falling In Love Makes You Lose Weight

If you are in a relationship and you are starting to gain weight maybe that’s because you are not in love yet.

How falling in love may help you lose weight?
There are changes that occur to your body when you fall in Love and makes you lose weight. What are these changes exactly? they are hormonal.

When you fall in love your body changes and makes it easier to lose weight. By controlling your appetite and giving you the motivation to lose weight.
Falling in love is the best motivation to lose weight!

When you’re in love, dopamine levels raise in your brain making you feel happier. The reason your heart starts beating faster and you feel more alive when in love is because of dopamine.

The benefit of dopamine is that it can be used to help you lose weight by motivating you. For people who failed to lose weight with diet and exercise, falling in love first can give you the dopamine you need to be more motivated to lose weight.

Being in love helps you burn fat faster!?

Another benefit of falling in love is that it helps in releasing norepinephrine. Norepinephrine helps you burn fat faster by turning fat into energy which can be metabolized by your body more efficiently.
Being in love helps your body get the norepinephrine it needs to burn fat more efficiently.

What happens to your hormones when you fall in love?

The hormones present when you are feeling uncomfortable about how things are going to work out in your relationship or nervous about something is phenethylamine. It can also be called, The Love Hormone!
Phenethylamine doubles the effect of dopamine in your body while working to increase your fat burning efficiency and suppress your appetite. It is believed to be an active ingredient in some weight loss pills.
Like phenethylamine and falling in love, other factors in your lifestyle may affect your ability to lose weight. Sleeping is one of those factors because whether you get enough sleep at night or not affects your sleep hormones.

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