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Healthy Ways to Celebrate New Year 2019

It’s New Year’s Eve! Perfect outfit, pop music and endless glasses of champagne! It’s usually about eating and drinking! This year, let it be a little different. We’ll be celebrating by doing the things that make us feel simple and good. We will work on stressing less about this high-pressure evening. Let’s ringing in the New Year in healthy ways!

Dance the Night Away
Three reasons to shake your groove thing this New Year’s Eve:
1.Dancing can make you feel super confident and improve your sense of self.
2.Dancing may lower your risk for dementia and enhance your memory.
3.Dancing can burn 350 calories per hour.
4.It’s just so fun.

Drink … Responsibly
•Many of us toast to the New Year and new beginnings, but we’re giving you a nudge to keep moderation in mind.
•You’ll obtain the health benefits of alcohol and be able to enjoy the first day of the year without the scary effects that come with overdoing it.
•Don’t forget that alcoholic and sweet drinks pack lots of calories, and tend to go uncounted and unnoticed.
•Mix caloric drinks (cocktails, beer and wine) with water, sparkling water, or other non-caloric non-sweet drinks.

Enjoy a Sneaking Kiss
•If you are planning to plant a kiss on someone special at midnight, here comes your chance!
•Kissing can increase oxytocin levels, which helps to reduce stress, anxiety and even your blood pressure.
•Kissing can burn 2 to 6 kcal per min, so why not sneaking a little calorie burning!

Have a Healthy Mentality about the Eve
•Whatever your plans, the most important thing may be to lay the pressure off.
•We often hype up New Year’s Eve as the night of all nights, and end up disappointed.
•This year, why not make an early resolution to be present at your celebration, enjoy the company you keep and see the opportunity that tomorrow brings!

Christelle Bedrossian
Beirut, Lebanon

Author Info

Dietitian Christelle Bedrossian