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Healthy Tips For New Year’s Eve!

Healthy Tips For New Year’s Eve!

Celebration means eating everything that comes in your way. The overeating habits kill us during New year’s Eve, but you can limit yourself from increasing bad food habits even at the festive parties.

Manage Your Calories From Alcohol

Alcohol adds calories to your diet, and If you are having too much of whiskey, wine, champagne, or beer, it is sure that you are going to lose control around the food. Try to manage the portions: 1 alcohol unit is equal to one shot of alcohol; one beer, one glass of wine any kind, or 2 fingers vodka or whiskey.

Do Not Snack On High-Fat Appetizers

Fried chips, cheese dips, fries with cheese and fried calamaris are high in calories and fats. You can have low calorie appetizers that still taste fantastic, like: edamame, cauliflower, carrots and cucumber with mustard and lemon sauce. Enjoy these healthy appetizers in moderation.

Eat Slowly

Research shows that slow eaters tend to eat less food. Try this method: Swallow what is in your mouth before taking the next bite and try to chat with someone sitting with you in between forkfuls. Enjoy the party instead of focusing on the food

Be Selective , Not Rigid

Don’t avoid party foods. If you decide to deprive yourself of all treats, you may end up overindulging out of disappointment and struggle. Be honest with yourself about what foods you are looking forward to and enjoy them in moderation; at the same time reduce high fat and calorie snacks.

If you want to stay fit and slim during New Year, then you need to set easy goals that will be not hard to achieve. Your target at New Year’s eve is to maintain your weight, not lose nor gain weight. And If you think you have overindulged with food, don’t forget your workout sessions to save you.

Christelle Bedrossian
Beirut, Lebanon



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