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Food Trends For 2019

Food is one of the topics where trends don’t stay the same for very long. With culinary experts and creative chefs around the world constantly developing new flavors, tastes and experiences, it’s an industry that continues to push the boundaries. Here are some food trends for 2019:

Fermented Foods
Each restaurant or market will have its own fermented foods. We will see more tempeh, pickles, kefir, cream, carrots and many others. The idea is to consume the minimum processed food possible. Fermented foods will also increase the probiotic content of the food which is known to improve our immune system.

More Transparency on Trade Labels
A clearer list of ingredients on food packaging sold in grocery stores will be more available to help the public make healthy food choices. We became more conscious of where the food comes from, the ingredients that make it up and whether or not it has been genetically manipulated.

More “Natural” Foods
More than ever the consumer is trying to avoid sulphites, nitrites, carcinogens… As a result, the industry will be introducing new foods that are free or reduced to ingredients that are considered dangerous to health.

The Fight against Sugar
There was the fight against fat, and now the first enemy to eliminate is sugar. The high sugar consumption significantly increases the risk of cancer and has a very harmful impact on metabolism.

Zero Food Waste
To increase the shelf life of fresh foods, a new technology is developed, called HPP (Hydro Protective Process). This technology involves dipping a packaged food into a cold-water basin with hydrostatic compression to destroy microorganisms in food.

Alternatives to Allergenic Foods
As the number of people with food intolerances and allergies grows, the industry is creating innovative products that will please many people and avoid many inconveniences.

The Super Powders
“Super-powders” and “super foods” such as acai, turmeric, green tea, certain kinds of mushrooms… Not only they contain great properties that are valuable for health, they are also used to improve the taste of certain dishes and foods.

Insects on the Menu
We are absolutely looking for new sources of protein. Insects are low in fat, exist in big quantities and can be found everywhere. New on the shelves: insect powders to boost cocktails and dishes.

The End of the Reign of Plastic Bags
Plastic bags will be banned in many grocery stores to fight against waste and to preserve nature.

Online Groceries
Most markets are now involved in this new way of offering product sales service. Items can be delivered straight to your home or you can have them ready and pick them up at the store directly.

Vegan Options
The trend is definitely to decrease meat consumption for better health. Protein choices are multiplying on the market and their taste is improving.

Foods to Swap Carbohydrate
The cauliflower pizza crust, broccoli-rice, zucchini-spaghetti, and chickpeas crisps are all examples of products in which an unhealthy component was replaced by a vegetable or a fruit, an ingredient that has more fibers and protein and less calories.

Christelle Bedrossian
Beirut, Lebanon

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Dietitian Christelle Bedrossian