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Body Image And Body Satisfaction

Body Image And Body Satisfaction

Many Studies show differences in how females and males feel about their bodies:

  • Among adults, 26% of men and 48% of Women, defined themselves as overweight, while 24% of the men and 38% of the women, were trying to lose weight during the time of the study.

  • Women were more likely to see themselves as overweight while they had a normal BMI, compared to Men who see their weight as normal when it was actually above normal according to their BMI.

  • Among high school students, 15 % of the males and 44% of the females were trying to lose weight. Girls were 4 times more likely to restrict calorie intake than boys, who often used exercise as a weight loss method.

  • 55% of women were dissatisfied with their weight, compared to 41% of men. The reasons for their dissatisfaction were their appearance and social acceptance rather than their health concerns. Even though excess body fat was the cause of their dissatisfaction.

  • Only 10% of Women and Over 60% of men, were significantly concerned about lack of muscle development.

  •  83% of women reported that they liked their appearance even though they were classified as underweight according to their BMI, compared to 77% of men.

  • Males often reported that regular exercise made them feel good about their bodies, while women reported that changes in their weight made differences about how they feel.

  • The magazines that were read by women had 10 times more weight-loss and diet related subjects than magazines read by men, which contained content related to body building, fitness, body building, muscle building supplements and muscle toning.

    Christelle Bedrossian
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