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Aphrodisiacs To Sweeten Your Valentine’s Day!

Aphrodisiacs To Sweeten Your Valentine’s Day!

Do certain foods stimulate sexual desire, or is it all in our heads? It’s mostly the latter but when it comes to aphrodisiacs, we should never underestimate the power of sensual suggestion.It seems that job demands, stress, and busy schedules are one of the reasons that women are having sexual dysfunction.Aphrodisiacs are those that aim to stimulate the love senses such as smell, sight, taste, and touch. But does food, or the act of eating can put you in the mood for love? The answer is YES! but not in the way you may think.
It’s not scientifically proven that food can stimulate the human sex organs. But the act of eating and food can suggest sex to the mind, which in turn stimulates desire in the body and it doesn’t hurt to add the sexual odds in your favor by enjoying foods you and your partner find sensual.

What are The 5 Types of Aphrodisiacs?

There are 5 types of aphrodisiacs, all based on unproven theories:
•If the food looks like a sexual organ: Foods that resemble female or male genitalia were believed to increase desire Such as oyster, some fruits and vegetables like carrots.
• The reproduction hypothesis: Reproductive eggs and organs such as bird eggs, fish roe and animal genitals were thought to increase sexual potency and desire.
•Are you “hot” yet? Foods that create moisture and warmth like curry or chili were thought to arouse heated passion, while cold foods like purslane leaves and lettuce were supposed to chill passion.
•If it’s exotic, it is erotic:Foods considered rare and expensive were believed to be sexually exciting. When foods like cocoa and potatoes, became more available their reputations as sexual stimulants faded.
•Foods that stimulate the senses stimulate desire: Stimulate the senses such as sight, smell, taste, and touch were thought to stimulate passion.

What is the Placebo Effect?

A placebo is a sugar pill that is given to a research participant who thinks that he is taking a drug. So the placebo effect is the belief that something is helping which has as much or more of a therapeutic effect than the medication itself.
So if someone thinks eating oysters will increase her sexual stamina and sex drive, her anticipation of this powerful effect can help it come true.

When it comes to Alcohol, Less Is MORE

Excessive alcohol is a sexual depressant rather than a stimulant and wine taken moderately does the opposite. A small amount of alcohol may help our sexual desire, while too much can hinder it!
But how much is too much? The amount of alcohol that would impede us as a driver seems to also impede us as a lover Which is more than two drinks for men, and one drink for women.

Stimulate the 5 Senses on Valentine’s Day

Here is how to put it all together and set the stage for that romantic evening tonight:
•Sound: Set the mood instantly with music, this might mean steamy jazz, piano concertos or a CD of the sound of waves crashing on the shore. On this special night, express your feelings to your loved one, Share what are your favorite things about your partner.
•Sight: Light the fireplace or candles for a seductive and relaxed atmosphere. In terms of food, select dishes that visually suggest sex and seduction to you and your partner, Consider shape and color as well as taste and texture.
•Smell: Stay away from smelly foods like cooked cabbage or cauliflower. If you go for garlic try roasting it. You can also fill the room with romantic scents from scented candles or oils.
•Touch: There are so many ways touch comes into play during a romantic evening. If you have finger foods, eating is all about touching. The texture of the blanket or rug in front of the fireplace, the feeling of sheets under your skin, all send sensual signals to your brain. But the best way to stimulate this sense is by touching each other. It is not only stimulating to get a massage, it can be tantalizing to give one.
•Taste: Serve small portions of foods that stimulate your taste buds without exaggeration. Very strong or spicy foods can backfire, so serve them with caution. As for dessert go for semi sweet, remember you want to leave the mouth wanting more.

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